Applied scientist and engineer passionate to find problems, where I could put my skills into use to puzzle out solutions. And on the way I hope to discover the secret shades of the bigger question - what does it take, that a gadget built on the lab bench could make any difference for people in the World out there and not just a scientific paper? I have been very lucky and happy to have had an opportunity to work in number of universities and labs in different countries (Harvard in USA, Uppsala and Chalmers in Sweden and Tartu in Estonia), to be engaged in various fields of science and engineering, and enterpreneurial endevours - a journey, which has connected me with remarkable advisors, mentors, collegues and friends around the World, all who are also the paramount importance in finding fulfilment in everything I have done, do and will do! Now, recently, I have had great pleasure to join INL (International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory) in Braga, Portigal.

… and if i am not building gadgets, i am also excited to explore and learn more about different aspects of the World, love nature and mountains, and various visual arts and crafts.

Photo credit: Peter Sandin