General Information

Born: 22.August.1982 in Viljandi, Estonia

Sex: Male

Family status: Single

Current Position

INL - International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory Staff Researcher. Department Micro- and Nanofabrication. Braga. Portugal.


Harvard University Post-doctoral training. Advisor: Professor George M. Whitesides. Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Cambridge, MA, USA. Period: February 2014 - October 2017.

Chalmers University of Technology Post-doctoral training. Advisor: Professor Aldo Jesorka. Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Gothenburg, Sweden. Period: April 2013 - March 2014.

Chalmers University of Technology PhD in Chemistry. Advisor: Professor Owe Orwar. Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Gothenburg, Sweden. Period: April 2008 - March 2013. Title of the thesis: The Multifunctional Pipette / A Microfluidic Technology for the Biosciences.

Chalmers University of Technology M.Sc. in Nanoscale Science and Technology. Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience, Gothenburg, Sweden. Period: September 2006 - March 2008.

Uppsala University studies in Organic and Polymer Chemistry. Department of Chemistry, Uppsala, Sweden. Period: September 2005 - June 2006.

University of Tartu B.Sc. cum laude (with honors) in Applied Physics and Information Technology. Faculty of Physics and Chemistry, Tartu, Estonia. Period: September 2001 - June 2005.

Additional Education

Harvard Business School MBA class "Commercializing Science" by Prof. Vicki Sato & Prof. Gary Pisano. 2015.

Harvard Catalyst Intensive courses: "Medical Device Development" 2015, "Understanding Biomarker Science: From Molecules to Images" 2017.

Karolinska Institutet Intensive PhD course in Neuropharmacology, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Stockholm, Sweden. 2011.

Chalmers University of Technology and Chalmers School of Enterpreneurship M.Sc. courses on intellectual property, project management and entrepreneurship (22.5 ECST). 2010-2011.

CERN summer student/intern in CMS data analysis. Geneva. Switzerland. Summer 2004.


2005 National Student Research Award by Estonian Ministry of Science and Education and Archimedes

2005 I-II place Estonian Academic Physics Olympiad (for university students and researchers

2001 Winner (team) Robotex 2001. Estonian university students robotics competition

2001 Bronze medal IPhO (International Olympiad of Physics), Antalya, Turkey

2000 Absolute winner Estonian Physics Olympiad

Scholarships and Grants

2015 Swedish Research Council (VR) Fellowship for financing post-doctoral training in Harvard

2011 Scholarship by Chalmers Research Foundation for financing Neuroscience 2011 participation

2010 Scholarship by Nils Pihlbad Foundation for financing microTAS 2010 participation

2006 Scholarship by Alfred Ots Foundation for financing master studies in Chalmers

2005 Margot M. and Herbert R. Linna Scholarship awarded by Estonian World Council

2005 Scholarship by Archimedes Foundation for financing visit of Uppsala University

2004 CERN Summer Student Fellowship

2004 Scholarship Hansa bank (Swedbank) Estonia

2003 Scholarship of Viljandi town

Other Experiences


2010-2011 Project leader for developing product line for manufacturing microfluidic devices (Budget: 300'000SEK, 5 people, involving university and an industrial partner. Project was supported by Chalmers NanoInitiative)


2019-2022 Guest lecturer “Microfluidics”, course "Microsystems", University of Minho.

2015 Mentor in REU (Research experience for undergraduates) program. Harvard University

2009-2012 Guest lecturer “Microfluidics for bioscience”, lab experiment developer and laboratory assistant, course "KFK181 - Bionanotechnology", Chalmers University of Technology.

2004 Lecturer, course "Hardware project" (About using microcontrollers), University of Tartu

2002-2004 Laboratory supervisor, course "Project in Mechatronic Systems", University of Tartu

2008-2013 Supervisor: MSc. thesis's in microfluidics: Daniel André, Madalena Calado, Micaela Oliveira, Fredrik Adås, Kiryl Kustanovich, Anil Kumar, Anna Kim. Industrial internship: Nicolas Sanchez (Sanofi). Internship: Andreas Genner (Univ. Vienna), Luke Marren (TU Dublin). Project work in microfabrication and laboratory equipment development: Farhan Hasan.

Other Educational Activities

2012 Academic committee member of International Olympiad of Physics, Tallinn, Estonia.

2005-2006 Host/actor/narrator of short weekly popular science show in Estonian TV.

2001-2005 Member of jury of Estonian Physic Olympiad.


2015 Co-founder of Ohms ( Started through Harvard Innovation Lab (i-Labs) Venture Incubation Program (VIP) as (Aeiyr), USA. Respiration health and wellness.

2012 Co-founder of Fluicell AB (, Göteborg, Sweden. Commercialization of the Multifunctional Pipette.

2011 Founder of Fluika OU (, Tartu, Estonia. Development of Fluika Miniature Pneumatic Control Kit.

Method Competences

Chemistry: Electroanalytical chemistry and assays, analytical chemistry, basic organic synthesis, NMR, polymer materials, surface functionalization.

Microfabrication: fabrication of microfluidic devices, photolithography, soft-lithography, deposition, etching, bonding, quality control and metrology.

Biophysics: Cell handling and cell culture, single-cell methods, preparation of lipid vesicles, live cell imaging.

Optical microscopy: Fluorescence, confocal microscopy, TIRF, cameras.

Integration: CAD, mechanical interfacing, pneumatics, mechatronics, soft actuarors, optics.

Laboratory automation: Digital and analog electronics, microcontroller based systems, computer controlled devices and experiments.

Software development: C++, Visual Studio .NET, MATLAB, VisualBasic, Java, PHP, JavaScript.

Modeling: COMSOL Multiphysics.

Visualization: Vector graphics, photography and editing, video production.

Patent handling: Structuring patents and claims, prior art studies, estimating innovative height.

Commecialization: Product development considerations, market- and value proposition analysis, business plan development.

Other Interests & Hobbies

Mountains, mountaineering, hiking and climbing. Nature. Dancing. Visual arts and photography. Food, nutrition and gastronomy.